The importance of graphic visuals in exhibition stands in trade fairs

The importance of graphic visuals in exhibition stands in trade fairs

If your business participates in trade fairs or exhibitions or you are planning to exhibit for the first time, then this article is especially for you. We have listed down some of the tips to ensure that your brand gets the maximum attention and you get the maximum return on investments. 

The main aim of every exhibitor behind exhibiting is to captivate the audience’s attention and generate brand awareness. It has been seen in the past trade shows, that a visitor usually spends less than 6 seconds on any booth. It means you have very little time to stop their attention on your stand. As time is very precious you cannot miss the chance of representing your brand as the leader on the show floor. 

Role of graphics in exhibition stands:

Graphics in exhibition stands are a powerful tool to create a huge impact on visitors. Your booth should be in such a way that just by looking at the booth, visitors quickly understand all about your brand. 

Once you get their attention, it is your best chance to make a long long-lasting relationship with them. Your exhibit stand should leave a memorable impression on the audience. So, here are some very important tips to grab the audience’s attention by using graphic designed exhibition stand.

Tip no 1- Send a clear message to the audience:

While your graphics should be stunning and eye-catching, your booth must send a simple and clear message to visitors. Keep your message clear and concise so that the audience gets clear information about the brand. Try to avoid over-cluttering your booth with so many messages and too many elements.

Hire an exhibition stand builder through Mizo Global, who can create outstanding visuals that make your brand memorable in front of potential visitors. We will send you direct booth quotations from top exhibition stand builders who are experts in making eye-catching visuals. These booth contractors can build such fascinating stand that makes your brand a showstopper on the crowded show floor.

Tip 2- Try to add interactive elements in the stands:

Ask your exhibition stand construction company to add interactive elements to the stand. These interactive elements can make the visitors spend more time on the booth, and explore your products and technologies. This way you have a chance to make meaningful connections and close sales. 

Adding interactive elements like touch screens, augmented reality, and virtual displays and games can create buzz around the stands. This will also make people look at what you are offering and this will keep the audience engaged as well. 

You should have a separate seating area in your booth so that visitors can relax for some time and in the meantime, you can interact with them. To maximize engagement, you can incorporate touch screens and virtual reality in your stands. All these interactive elements can create a positive impression on the audience. 

Tip 3- The power of bold and bright colors in the stands

Bold and eye-catching graphics were the key to making your brand stand out in the crowded exhibition space. Ask your stand builders to use bright colors, and interesting textures and add up brand values to create a strong visual impact on the audience. 

Once your exhibition booth generates curiosity in the passerby audience, they will feel connected with the brand. This is the realm of bold and bright colors that make the brand memorable for visitors. Also, add some clues in the stands like “go to the place” or “heavy discounts on some products”.

Tip 4- Lasting impression matters:

Every exhibitor wants to leave a memorable impression on the audience and for that you can give some giveaways to them. For that, you need to add an interactive zone in the state. Adding video gaming units or some giveaways in the stands can make the audience remember for a long duration. Most exhibitors prefer to give pre-prepared giveaway bags contracting items like pens, branded dry fruits, etc. However, you can choose some unique gift that is liked by the audience and they remember the brand for a lifetime. 

How we can help you in your exhibition journey?

Mizo Global is an online portal that is trusted by thousands of global brands. We understand the importance of having well-designed stands. However, finding a stand-builder is a tiresome task and there are hundreds of exhibition stand-building companies in the market, so the question is which one to choose?

We were connected with over 1000+ exhibition stand builders in all over the Europe and world. Our suggested builders provide complete stand-related services including designing, printing, building, and installation on one platform. With us, you can have a smooth and successful event experience. 

Our suggested builders build every type of stand including modular stands, portals, or custom booths. We at Mizo Global understand that booths are bulky and challenging to store, Therefore, our exhibition booth construction companies will dismantle and store the stands in the same containers after the events. 

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