All about the types of exhibition stands

All about the types of exhibition stands

The choice of exhibition stand design can either make or break your event. In this regard, many studies have been conducted, where it has been proven that creative exhibition booths can make trade shows successful. There are mainly 5 types of exhibition stands and depending upon your budget availability and brand’s requirements, your exhibit stand builder will suggest you the right type of stand. 

Type 1- Custom exhibition stand:

A custom exhibition stand is specially designed to meet the specific brand’s requirements. These booths were built to reflect the brand effectively on the show floor. 

  • Custom stands were designed and built after understanding the client’s requirements and are breathtaking. When any visitor just looks at these stands they feel connected with the brand. 
  • These booths provide endless branding opportunities allowing you to display your brand, graphics, values, and core message effectively. 
  • The customized stands are very eye-catching and grab the audience’s attention easily. Some exhibition stand production companies add interactive technologies to the booths.

Type 2- Modular exhibition stand:

Modular booths offer the flexibility of endless configuration so these booths were excellent choices for many businesses.

  • These booths were built up after linking blocks together to give a seamless stand. 
  • These stands can be easily installed and broken down.
  • These modular booths can be easily packed and safely stored for the next event.
  • If you are looking for cost-effective solutions for your business, then modular exhibits can be the best for your business.

Type 3- Portable exhibition stands:

Portable booths were built specifically by keeping the transportation factor in mind. By choosing the right exhibition stand builder, you get high-quality portable stands without worrying about the quality of the stands. If you have a small budget then you must choose the portable booths. These stands can effectively communicate your brand message and help you to reach a wider customer base.

Type 4- Double-decker exhibition stands:

Double-decker stands were uncomplicated structures that were wisely planned and assembled one over the other. These stands are easy to install and add a very relaxing aura to your exhibition space. If you have booked a small space, but with double-decker stands you can easily increase your stand space. With these stands, you have the flexibility to have separate spaces for meetings and product representation. 

  • A leading exhibition stand contractor will equip the stands with stairs, pre-engineered decks, and very eye-catching graphics.
  • These booths generate profitable business opportunities as these stands present your brand as the leader on the show floor.
  • One smart tip is to choose the reputed exhibition stand builder who uses fine arts and contemporary architecture to present your brand as the leader on the show floor.

Type 5- Country pavilion exhibition stands:

Country pavilion stands were used by the exhibitors to reflect the culture, lifestyle, and religion of their country. When so many brands together want to exhibit as a unit, then you must choose these booths. Many experienced stand builders incorporate cultural products in the site so that when the audience sees your brand, they can feel the touch of the country.

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